18 Best Skateboard Decks Brands


Navigating the vast world of skateboarding decks can be daunting. Ever stood at a skate shop, overwhelmed by choices, wondering which brands truly stand out? You’re not alone.

Dive into our curated list of the top 18 skateboard deck brands and discover the legends, the innovators, and the game-changers.

Why settle for ordinary when you can ride the best? Ready to roll with the elite? 🛹

Here Are The QUICK List Of 18 Best Skateboard Decks Brands:

  1. [CCS] Blank and Graphic Skateboard Decks
  2. Moose Blank Skateboard Deck
  3. KPC
  5. Voyager
  6. Gingili Life Skateboards
  7. Magneto
  8. Baker Skateboard
  10. Bamboo Skateboards
  11. Ryvorbe Skateboards
  12. Hipoten Skateboards
  13. Punisher Skateboards
  14. FlyFlash Skateboards
  15.  Powell Peralta
  16. Skatro
  18. Element

1. [CCS] Blank and Graphic Skateboard Decks

In the realm of skateboarding, quality and design matter. The [CCS] Blank and Graphic Skateboard Deck stands out, not just as a visual masterpiece, but also in its professional-grade performance.

Crafted from premium Canadian 7 Ply Maple, this deck boasts the perfect fusion of flex and stiffness.

Whether you’re a newbie taking your first steps or a seasoned pro mastering tricks, this deck won’t disappoint.

A notable feature? Its classic shape—ideal for both cruising and high-flying stunts. While the deck comes sans grip, the varying top stain colors add a touch of uniqueness, hidden beneath your chosen grip style.

Choose [CCS] if you seek a reliable companion for your skating journey.

Summary Of Brand:

  • Professional-Grade Material: Made with Canadian 7 Ply Maple wood for optimal durability and performance.
  • Versatility in Action: The classic shape is perfect for both cruising and executing tricks.
  • Designed for All: From beginners taking their first ride to seasoned professionals, this deck caters to all skill levels.
  • Clean Aesthetic: While the deck does not come with a grip, the top boasts varying stain colors, offering a unique touch that’s covered once you apply your grip.
  • Specifications: Deck dimensions of 7.00″ x 27.75″ (mini), ideal for adult skaters.
  • Package Details: Comes in a package measuring 27.5 x 7 x 1.3 inches with a weight of approximately 0.98 kilograms.
  • Uniform Color: Deck comes in a sleek black, ensuring a timeless look.
  • Reliable Brand: Manufactured by [CCS], a trusted name in skateboarding.

2. Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

Step onto the streets with confidence, equipped with the Moose Blank Skateboard Deck—a true blend of classic craftsmanship and modern innovation.

Rooted in the traditional 7-ply maple construction, Moose retains the integrity of the decades-old, beloved skateboarding standard. This dense hardwood not only promises strength but an unmatched pop.

But what truly distinguishes Moose is its contemporary design: a mellow concave paired with steep kicks, striking the right balance between flex and stiffness without compromising on weight.

Offered in an impressive spectrum, from 7.25” for the budding young skater to 9.0” for the seasoned rider, Moose caters to all feet sizes and riding preferences.

Their guidelines? Youngsters or those with shoe size 6 and below might find the 7.25” a snug fit, while teens and adults can explore the popular 8.0” or 8.25” options.

But, Moose isn’t just about performance—it’s also a canvas. Devoid of graphics, this high-quality deck hands you the creative reins, inviting artists and passionate skaters to inject their essence onto its blank surface.

It’s not just a cost-saving benefit for the consumer; it’s an open invitation to make it uniquely yours. Choose Moose, and skate with both style and substance.

Summary Of Brand:

  • Traditional Construction: Boasts a 7-ply maple construction, adhering to the time-tested skateboarding standard for strength and pop.
  • Modern Design: Features a mellow concave with steep kicks, blending flex and stiffness optimally for a great skateboarding experience.
  • Size Variety: Ranges from 7.25” to 9.0”, catering to all skaters, from young enthusiasts to seasoned professionals.
  • Size Recommendations: Suggests 7.25” for shoe sizes 6 and under, with full-size boards (7.5” – 9.0”) ideal for those aged 13 and above.
  • Blank Canvas: Lacks graphics, making it more cost-effective and providing a perfect canvas for artists or skaters keen on personalizing their decks.
  • Cost-Effective: The absence of graphics translates to efficient production, passing on savings to the consumer.
  • Ideal for Customization: With its blank design, it’s especially attractive for those wanting to create their unique skateboard art.
  • High-Quality: Offers a deck quality that competes with “pro” decks, without the hefty price tag.

3. KPC

Venturing into the world of skateboarding? Look no further than the KPC Complete Skateboard Deck—a perfect blend of professional quality at an affordable price.

Built to rival what the pros ride, KPC doesn’t skimp on materials or craftsmanship. The 7-ply maple deck is paired seamlessly with durable aluminum trucks, offering a sublime balance of flex and rigidity.

Riding the streets will feel smoother than ever. With its high-rebound urethane wheels (52mm, 99A) and precision ABEC 7 bearings, it effortlessly bridges the gap between commuting convenience and park performance.

Dive into bowls, ramps, or merely cruise on both polished and rugged surfaces—it’s versatile enough to cater to all.

Safety and traction are paramount in skateboarding, and KPC acknowledges this with its Pro-grade 80-grit griptape.

Your feet will thank you for the sturdy grip, and creativity blooms as you personalize the griptape with paints or let stickers bedeck the board’s base.

The cherry on top? No assembly fuss! KPC arrives ready-to-ride, although minor truck adjustments for tailored turns are encouraged.

Novice or returning rider, KPC’s got your back. Dive into the skateboarding realm with this top-tier deck that doesn’t break the bank.

Summary Of Brand:

  • Professional-Grade Quality: Built with a 7-ply maple deck, mirroring what pro skateboarders ride, but at a more budget-friendly price.
  • Smooth Ride: Equipped with heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks, with adjustable turning sensitivity. The 52mm 99A high-rebound urethane wheels, paired with precision speed ABEC 7 bearings, ensure a smooth journey on various terrains.
  • Top-Tier Grip: Features pro-grade 80-grit griptape, ensuring optimum foot traction and safety while riding.
  • Ready-to-Ride: No assembly hassle; the skateboard is fully assembled upon arrival. Personal tuning, such as adjusting the trucks, is encouraged for a tailored ride.
  • Customizable: The board welcomes personal touches, be it on the griptape with paint markers or embellishing the base with stickers.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for all skateboarding levels, from beginners to experts, and especially tailored for first-timers or those returning after a hiatus.
  • Durable Construction: Made with a combination of sturdy materials like aluminum trucks, urethane wheels, and high-quality maple wood, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Competitive Price: Delivers excellent performance and quality without causing a dent in your wallet.


For those looking to strike the balance between performance and aesthetics, FISH SKATEBOARDS presents its 31”x 8” Standard Skateboard—a fusion of art and engineering.

Crafted for every level, from novice stunt attempts to pro-level tricks, its double kick concave design, adorned with vintage patterns, offers enhanced control and braking capability.

Constructed with seven layers of Canadian maple, the board promises durability, stability, and an unparalleled grip, courtesy of its emery non-slip surface. With a staggering weight capacity of 330LBS, it’s inclusive for skaters of all ages.

Rolling smoothly on its 52mm anti-shock PU wheels, combined with ABEC-9 precision bearings, riders are guaranteed swift, bump-free escapades.

Plus, its PU bushings further elevate the smoothness quotient. Reinforced with high-quality 5″ aluminum alloy trucks and a steel axle, this board boasts sturdiness that seasoned skaters swear by and beginners can trust.

Need to tweak the board on-the-go? The included All-in-One Skate T-Tool has got you covered. Out of the box and straight onto the streets—no assembly fuss ensures immediate adventures.

A fitting gift for skate enthusiasts, young or old, FISH SKATEBOARDS encapsulates style and substance effortlessly.

Summary Of Brand:

  • All-Level Design: 31 x 8 inch full-size double kick concave with vintage patterns, tailored for both beginners and pro skaters.
  • Durability & Grip: Crafted from 7 layers of Canadian maple wood with an emery non-slip surface ensuring long-lasting performance and superior grip.
  • High Weight Capacity: Can bear up to 330LBS, making it versatile for both kids and adults.
  • Smooth Riding Experience: Features 52mm anti-shock PU wheels paired with ABEC-9 precision bearings and PU bushings for a smooth, shock-free ride.
  • Robust Construction: Enhanced with 5″ high-quality aluminum alloy trucks and a sturdy steel axle, providing safety and reliability during stunts and rides.
  • Ready-to-Ride: Comes with an All-in-One Skate T-Tool, allowing skaters to make adjustments or repairs on-the-spot. No assembly required.
  • Perfect Gift Choice: Designed aesthetically and functionally, it serves as an ideal present for skate enthusiasts of all ages.
  • Safety First: Combines stability, grip, and sturdy construction to offer both beginners and professionals a reliable skating experience.

5. Voyager

Step into the world of skating with Voyager’s Minecraft-themed 31-inch skateboard. Perfectly blending artistic design with performance, this board is tailored for both newcomers and seasoned pros.

For those new to the skate scene, Voyager promises a blend of stability and convenience. It’s like a guiding hand, ensuring a smooth introduction to the exhilarating world of skateboarding.

Meanwhile, the experts will relish its adaptability, catering to a plethora of styles from cruising to downhill antics.

Its portability is a highlight. The lightweight yet robust wooden build ensures it’s not just a mode of transport, but a trusty companion on adventures.

With a deck molded from 9-ply maple, it delivers in terms of durability, stiffness, and undeniable aesthetics, all flaunted through its captivating Minecraft graphics.

Further enhancing the ride experience are its aluminum alloy trucks, offering riders the control and stability they crave.

On the hunt for a gift that effortlessly merges cool with functionality? Voyager’s skateboard ticks all the boxes. Be it birthdays, Christmas, or just because—this board stands out. Skate with style, choose Voyager.

Summary Of Brand:

  • Versatile Design: Suitable for both beginners and pro riders, catering to various skating styles from cruising and carving to downhill.
  • Lightweight & Portable: Crafted with a balance of strength and lightness, making it easy to carry around for on-the-go adventures.
  • Durable Construction: The 9-ply maple deck ensures longevity, rigidity, and a solid feel underfoot.
  • Minecraft Graphics: A unique and stylish design that stands out, appealing to fans of the iconic game.
  • Aluminum Alloy Trucks: Provides enhanced control and stability during rides, ensuring precision in every turn.
  • All-Rounder: Apt for various skating activities, be it cruising, carving, freestyle, or downhill.
  • Gift-worthy: Its cool graphics and functional design make it a perfect gift for various occasions, from birthdays to holidays.

6. Gingili Life Skateboards

Gingili Life redefines what it means to own a skateboard that’s not just functional but also a visual treat.

A perfect fusion of strength and style, their skateboard is tailored for everyone – be it kids, adults, beginners, or pro riders.

Boasting a 7-layered maple construction, this board promises durability, ensuring it’s robust enough to endure the pressures of daily rides and tricks.

What truly differentiates this board is its double kick concave design, providing an optimal balance and making tricks a breeze.

Moreover, with no assembly needed, it’s ready for action straight from the box, making it perfect for those eager to get started or those who simply don’t want the fuss of setting things up.

The graphics? Absolutely captivating. With its heat transfer printing, the vibrancy and durability of the design make sure you don’t just perform but also turn heads while doing so.

Additionally, its lightweight design combined with tear-resistant PU wheels ensures a ride that’s as smooth as it’s swift.

So, whether you’re cruising through campus, making a quick store run, or just navigating through busy sidewalks, the Gingili Life skateboard ensures you do it with flair and confidence.

Summary Of Brand:

  • Durable Construction: 7-layer maple wood ensuring a solid build that can handle up to 220 lbs.
  • No Assembly Needed: Comes fully assembled, ready to ride – a genuine time-saver.
  • High Performance: Features a 5-inch heavy-duty aluminum alloy truck, anti-slip 95 A high rebound PU wheels, and high-speed Abec-9 precision bearings.
  • Stunning Graphics: Eye-catching, heat transfer printed design that’s long-lasting and resistant to fading.
  • Versatility: Suitable for all, from kids to adults, and for various riding styles from cruising to freestyling.
  • Portability: Lightweight design paired with quality PU wheels ensures a hassle-free carry and a smooth ride.

With Gingili Life, skateboarding isn’t just a sport; it’s an expression, a lifestyle, and most importantly, a passion.

7. Magneto

Magneto doesn’t just produce skateboards; they embed the very soul of Southern Californian skate and surf culture into every board they craft.

At its core, Magneto is a brand by skaters, for skaters. It shines brightly with its ethos of melding simplicity with functional aesthetics, while always putting the rider – be it a novice or an expert – first.

One of Magneto’s crowning achievements is understanding the unique requirements of young skaters. With a shorter and narrower deck, they’ve crafted a skateboard that’s not just manageable but also immensely enjoyable for younger enthusiasts.

It’s not just about size but also about the weight, ensuring that kids don’t feel overwhelmed with a board that’s too hefty for them.

This thoughtful design speeds up the learning curve, making the art of skating more accessible and enjoyable.

The classic cruiser shape, coupled with strategic wheel wells, ensures that wheel bites are a concern of the past.

The design, while compact, doesn’t compromise on foot space, making rides comfortable and controlled.

With the added kickball at the back, riders can expect enhanced maneuverability, especially crucial for cruising.

But what’s a great design without quality components? The 60mm Shore 78A wheels have been crafted for the optimal cruising experience, with their soft composition ensuring a ride that’s smooth regardless of the surface.

Complementing these wheels are the ultra-smooth abec 5 bearings, ensuring speed without compromising stability. And with high-rebound urethane wheels, riders are promised stability and a joyous ride.

Summary Of Brand:

  • Skater-Centric Design: Designed by skaters, with the spirit of Southern Californian skate culture.
  • Optimal Size for Youngsters: A 27.5-inch long deck, 7.75 inches wide, ensuring a perfect fit for younger feet without the overwhelming weight.
  • Classic Cruiser Shape: Aesthetically pleasing with functional wheel wells to prevent wheel bite and a kickball for better control.
  • Quality Components: 60mm Shore 78A wheels paired with abec 5 bearings for a seamless, speedy ride.
  • High Traction Wheels: 52mm 95A SHR – High Rebound Urethane wheels, promising a stable, smooth ride.

In essence, Magneto isn’t just a skateboard brand; it’s a testament to understanding the true essence of skateboarding, ensuring every ride is a memorable one.

8. Baker Skateboard

In the world of skateboarding, Baker stands tall as a beacon of excellence, seamlessly merging tradition with innovation.

Founded in 2000 by skateboarding maestro Andrew Reynolds, Baker Skateboards captures the heart and spirit of the skateboarding community. Their latest offering, the Baker Skateboard Deck in the Black/White Logo, 8.25″, is no exception.

Constructed with a 7-ply maple, the deck promises both durability and the right flex for optimal performance. This construction ensures a board that can take on the challenges of the streets, ramps, and parks with equal ease.

But the magic doesn’t stop at the wood. The mellow concave, coupled with the deck’s wheel well depth, provides an exceptional board feel, allowing skaters to nail their tricks with precision.

With its distinct white and red branding, the deck isn’t just a piece of equipment but a statement, echoing Baker’s signature style.

The deck also boasts a design with functionality at its core. The short and wide tail ensures that pop is quick, while the elongated, steeper nose enhances catches and elevates nollies. I

ts moderate concave throughout offers that extra flick strength, ensuring your flip tricks are not just executed but perfected.

Summary Of Brand:

  • Maple Construction: Built with a 7-ply maple for lasting durability and performance.
  • Signature Aesthetics: Iconic Baker branding in white and red, exemplifying the brand’s roots and ethos.
  • Optimal Design: Mellow concave with wheel well depth ensures a comfortable ride and precision in tricks.
  • Legacy Brand: Founded by skateboarding legend Andrew Reynolds, Baker carries a legacy of excellence.
  • Lightweight & Responsive: Weighing 2.67 pounds, the deck promises responsiveness and maneuverability.
  • Dimensions: A deck width of 8.25 inches offers ample foot space for various skate styles.

With the Baker Skateboard Deck, riders aren’t just choosing a piece of equipment; they’re becoming a part of a legacy, a community, and a movement that reverberates through the alleys, streets, and skate parks. Choose Baker, choose excellence.


Elevating the skateboarding experience to the next level, FREEDARE dives deep into what truly matters for enthusiasts—quality, design, and adaptability. Their Skateboard Deck 8.0 offers a pristine blend of these elements, making it an appealing choice for novices and experienced skateboarders alike.

The deck’s size and shape, measuring 8”x31.7”, grant it the versatility and flexibility to handle diverse skateboarding styles. What’s particularly enchanting about this deck is its pristine, blank canvas—perfect for those DIY aficionados looking to infuse personal artistry onto their boards.

But FREEDARE isn’t just about the aesthetics. Their usage of cold northern maple in their 7-layer deck construction showcases an earnest commitment to durability and performance. This specific maple variant, known for its strength and elasticity, ensures that the board can handle the rough terrains of streets, parks, and pools, providing a smooth experience every time.

The inclusion of their meticulously designed grip tape is a testament to the brand’s attention to detail. With its high-intensity grip and friction, this OS780 SiC gravel bonded tape promises safety and a seamless ride. The fact that it’s pre-affixed ensures a hassle-free setup—just unbox and you’re ready to skate.

Adding a cherry on top is the deck guards protector. This fusion of rubber and metal ensures your board remains protected from chips and nicks, prolonging its life and preserving its aesthetics.

Summary Of Brand:

  • DIY-Friendly Design: A clean, smooth surface ideal for personal customization.
  • Durable Maple Construction: 7 layers of cold northern maple known for its enhanced strength and flexibility.
  • High-Quality Grip Tape: Pre-affixed OS780 SiC gravel grip tape ensures safety and superior traction.
  • Deck Guard Protectors: A blend of rubber and metal designed to shield your board from potential damage.
  • Customer-Centric: FREEDARE’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in their 30-day return policy.

In the realm of skateboarding, FREEDARE is not just a brand but a promise—a promise of quality, performance, and an unparalleled skateboarding experience. With FREEDARE, you’re not just riding; you’re making a statement.

10. Bamboo Skateboards

In a world ever-conscious about sustainability, Bamboo Skateboards emerge as a beacon for the eco-conscious skater.

Melding superior performance with environmental responsibility, this brand goes beyond the conventional, proving that eco-friendly doesn’t mean a compromise in quality.

The first thing that strikes you about these decks is the enhanced pop—a feature avidly sought by skaters. Bamboo Skateboards promises an exhilarating pop experience, adding an edge to your tricks and making those landings even more impressive.

While maple has long been the gold standard for skateboards, Bamboo Skateboards challenges this norm. Constructed from bamboo, these boards are not only lighter but also stronger.

The resilience of bamboo to shocks ensures these boards endure the toughest of treatments, be it mammoth stair sets or challenging rails. Simply put, these boards are built to last, often outlasting their maple counterparts.

But it’s not just about durability. The strength and flexibility of these decks are unmatched, validated by rigorous tests that show them withstanding even the weight of a car.

This combination ensures you can pull off the most audacious of tricks without the constant fear of a snap.

Beyond performance, Bamboo Skateboards makes a compelling eco-friendly case. Crafted from high-quality bamboo, a sustainable resource, these decks underscore a commitment to the planet. The inclusion of maple in their 6-ply hybrid design further strengthens the deck while emphasizing reduced deforestation.

Summary Of Brand:

  • Enhanced Pop: Experience a more dynamic pop, enhancing your tricks and impressing your peers.
  • Bamboo Durability: Lighter and stronger than maple, ensuring extended board longevity.
  • Unparalleled Flexibility: Engineered for strength, these boards offer flexibility, making those jumps and tricks smoother.
  • Eco-Conscious Design: Crafted from sustainable bamboo, emphasizing reduced maple deforestation.
  • Versatile Sizing: Suitable for pros and beginners alike, available in sizes ranging from 7.75″ x 31.5″ to 8.25″ x 32”.

With Bamboo Skateboards, you’re not just choosing a skateboard—you’re making a statement. A statement of performance, resilience, and a commitment to the environment. Join the ride, choose Bamboo Skateboards.

11. Ryvorbe Skateboards

For those taking their first steps into the skateboarding world, Ryvorbe offers a masterclass in quality and design.

Seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality, this brand is dedicated to both beginners and seasoned riders, ensuring an elevated skating experience for all.

One of Ryvorbe’s standout features is the no-fuss approach. No assembly means you’re all set to roll straight out of the box—a boon for the eager novice and a time-saver for the seasoned skater.

Built for mastering tricks with ease, the skateboard’s double kick dis-symmetric concave design, coupled with the customized emery sandpaper, ensures a locked-in feeling for the rider, aiding in quick trick acquisition. T

his design philosophy reflects a deep understanding of skater needs, especially for those just starting their journey.

Quality remains paramount for Ryvorbe. With a construction boasting seven layers of Canadian maple, this board is both flexible and resilient, capably handling riders weighing up to 220lbs.

The double kick deck concave design and waterproof emery non-slip grip tape further accentuate safety and control—a testament to the brand’s commitment to user experience.

An additional highlight is the inclusion of the All-in-One Skate Tool. From adjustments to repairs, this tool ensures that maintaining your skateboard is a breeze, saving both time and money.

Summary Of Brand:

  • Ready-to-Use: No assembly required, ensuring you’re ready to roll immediately.
  • Design for Mastery: The unique double kick dis-symmetric concave design aids in rapid trick acquisition.
  • Durable Build: Constructed with seven layers of Canadian maple, ensuring longevity and resilience for riders up to 220lbs.
  • Safety and Control: Enhanced with a waterproof emery non-slip grip tape, guaranteeing a safer and more controlled riding experience.
  • All-in-One Skate Tool: Comprehensive toolset included, making skateboard maintenance hassle-free.
  • Perfect Gift: A thoughtful gift to nurture sports talent in kids, enhancing their balance and safety across various sports.

With Ryvorbe, you’re not just getting a skateboard; you’re investing in a brand that values quality, user experience, and safety. Whether you’re a novice looking to learn or a seasoned rider seeking a reliable board, Ryvorbe has got your back.

12. Hipoten Skateboards

In the vast realm of skateboarding, Hipoten emerges as a brand that effortlessly combines innovation with functionality.

Catering to both newcomers and aficionados, Hipoten presents a skateboard that promises not just a ride, but an experience.

The very foundation of this board speaks volumes of its quality. Crafted meticulously from an eight-layer Canadian maple, this deck is both robust and reliable, ensuring that riders—be it a beginner or a seasoned pro—can trust its resilience. Its ability to withstand a commendable 221 lbs, paired with a matte surface, ensures stability and minimizes the risk of slippage.

But what truly sets Hipoten apart is its focus on enhancing the riding experience. The upgraded PU glowing wheels aren’t just a visual delight; they are designed for performance.

These high-speed bearing-equipped wheels, enlarged and widened, absorb ground impact seamlessly.

Whether you’re cruising urban streets or navigating rugged country roads, the ride is bound to be smoother and quieter.

For those keen on pushing their skateboarding limits, Hipoten’s fully symmetrical double-warped edge design becomes an ally.

It lends itself beautifully to complex stunts, allowing riders to execute tricks with enhanced stability and grip.

The brand’s emphasis on convenience is evident in its ready-to-use offering. With the skateboard arriving fully assembled, all one needs to do is unpack and roll.

The addition of a skateboard backpack and a handy T-wrench just adds another layer of user-centric thoughtfulness.

Summary Of Brand:

  • Sturdy Construction: An eight-layer maple deck ensuring durability and a maximum load capacity of 221 lbs.
  • Innovative Wheels: Upgraded, enlarged, and widened PU glowing wheels designed for smoother rides across varying terrains.
  • Stunt-Ready: A fully symmetrical double-warped edge design, perfect for executing complex skateboarding stunts.
  • Out-of-the-Box Ready: Comes fully assembled, eliminating setup hassles, and paired with a skateboard backpack for easy portability.
  • Reliable Purchase: A 1-year worry-free warranty underlines Hipoten’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

In a nutshell, Hipoten’s skateboard is a testament to thoughtful design and relentless focus on rider experience. Whether you’re just starting your skateboarding journey or looking to elevate your game, with Hipoten, you’re in for a ride that’s both exhilarating and safe.

13. Punisher Skateboards

Punisher Skateboards is a name that resonates with authenticity and craftsmanship in the world of skateboarding.

Seamlessly blending performance attributes with stylish designs, the brand offers skaters an unparalleled riding experience, regardless of their skill level.

At the heart of Punisher’s offering is the dedication to quality. The skateboard deck, crafted from 7-ply Canadian Maple, ensures durability and resistance against the wear and tear of intense skating sessions.

The size of 31.5″ x 7.75″ offers a perfect balance, providing ample space for foot placement while ensuring maneuverability.

The mild concave design of the skateboard deck isn’t just an aesthetic choice—it’s a nod to enhanced control.

This unique design facilitates better handling during rides, turns, and when performing intricate tricks, making the board not just a mode of transportation, but an extension of the rider’s will.

Another standout feature is the brand’s commitment to speed and smoothness. The inclusion of Punisher abec-7 high-speed wheel bearings, paired with PE riser pads and polyurethane cushions, ensures a ride that’s not just fast, but also incredibly smooth. The heavy-duty 5-inch alloy trucks further promise stability and resilience.

The 54x36mm PU wheels, adorned with the iconic Punisher graphics, aren’t just visually striking—they promise durability and longevity.

The full-color graphics on one side paired with the 80Ab heavy-duty grip tape on the other ensures both functionality and flair.

Summary Of Brand:

  • Sturdy Construction: Crafted from a 7-ply Canadian Maple, promising durability and a long lifespan.
  • Designed for Control: A mild concave profile for superior command during rides, turns, and tricks.
  • Optimized for Speed: Equipped with Punisher abec-7 high-speed wheel bearings for a smoother, faster ride.
  • Stability Assured: Heavy-duty 5-inch alloy trucks ensure consistent performance.
  • Striking Design: Vibrant full-color graphics on one side, paired with heavy-duty grip tape on the other.

With Punisher Skateboards, riders are assured of a skateboard that isn’t just a tool, but a companion. Whether you’re cruising through the city streets or showcasing your tricks at the local skatepark, with Punisher, you’re equipped with quality, style, and performance.

14. FlyFlash Skateboards

In the world of skateboarding, FlyFlash is emerging as a reliable choice for both novices and seasoned enthusiasts.

Representing a blend of durability, performance, and style, their boards stand out, making an indelible mark on riders.

At the core of FlyFlash’s offerings is its sturdy construction. With a 9-layer maple deck, this skateboard promises a resilience that’s unmatched, ensuring that the board withstands the test of time and rigorous skate sessions.

The 5-inch reinforced aluminum alloy trucks only add to this robustness, striking an optimal balance between sturdiness and weight management.

This design choice ensures that the skateboard can handle weights of up to 220 Lbs without compromising its structural integrity.

Riding on a FlyFlash is synonymous with a seamless glide. Equipped with anti-shock 55mm 100A High Rebound PU wheels paired with ABEC-3 precision bearings, riders can expect a smooth journey across various terrains.

Whether cruising on asphalt or testing skills in skate parks, this board is adaptable and responsive.

A standout feature is the double kick concave design, enabling skateboarders to execute tricks from both the nose and tail effortlessly.

This is complemented by the heat transfer printing, adding an aesthetic appeal while ensuring durability.

The dual tail plate with a 30° tilt and the anti-slip surface further ensure that riders have optimal control while performing stunts, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

FlyFlash doesn’t stop at just delivering a top-notch skateboard; it also ensures that riders have all they need to maintain it.

The inclusion of a repair kit, complete with a multifunctional wrench and screws, means that minor tweaks and repairs can be addressed on-the-go.

Summary Of Brand:

  • Robust Construction: 9-layer maple deck paired with 5-inch reinforced aluminum alloy trucks.
  • Smooth Ride: Anti-shock 55mm 100A High Rebound PU wheels complemented by ABEC-3 precision bearings.
  • Enhanced Design: Double kick concave design with heat transfer printing for performance and aesthetics.
  • Control & Grip: Dual tail plate with a 30° tilt and an anti-slip surface for enhanced stability.
  • Comprehensive Package: Comes with a repair kit, ensuring longevity and ease of maintenance.

FlyFlash not only delivers a reliable skateboard but also a comprehensive skating experience. Ideal for teens and young adults, it’s a gift that promises adventure, thrill, and endless fun.

Whether you’re kick-starting your skating journey or looking to add another board to your collection, FlyFlash is a name you can trust.

15. Powell Peralta

If you’re on the hunt for a board that’s not just a means of transportation, but a piece of iconic skateboarding history, the Powell Peralta Old School Ripper Deck could be the holy grail. This brand doesn’t just sell decks; it sells decades of skate culture, innovation, and artistry.

For those in the know, the name “Powell Peralta” resonates with reverence. Their “Ripper” graphic, meticulously illustrated by the esteemed V.C. Johnson back in 1983, is more than just a visual – it’s a symbol of skateboarding’s rich heritage. Often dubbed the Mona Lisa of skate art, “The Ripper” is a timeless testament to design that remains as impactful today as it was nearly four decades ago.

But this board isn’t just about looks. Crafted with U.S. hard rock maple and high-quality glue, the deck promises unmatched durability. Its specifications, including a concave K15 design, ensure a ride that’s as smooth as its graphics are sharp. And while it hails from the old school, it’s adapted for the modern skater with its new school short 4 truck hole pattern.

In essence, when you ride on a Powell Peralta, you’re not just skating; you’re carrying forward a legacy. It’s a beautiful blend of the past and present, suitable for both the nostalgic old-timers and the enthusiastic newbies. Whether you’re executing a trick or cruising down a lane, this board ensures you do it with style, stability, and a slice of skateboarding history.

Summary Of Brand:

  • Iconic Artwork: Featuring the legendary “Ripper” graphic by V.C. Johnson.
  • Durable Construction: Made with U.S. hard rock maple and quality glue, warrantied against delamination.
  • Tailored Specifications: Deck width of 9.89″, length of 31.32″, and a concave K15 shape for optimum performance.
  • Modern Adaptations: New school short 4 truck hole pattern for a contemporary touch.
  • Heritage: A product of Powell Peralta, a name synonymous with skateboard innovation and artistry since its inception.

To conclude, if there’s one skateboard deck that can proudly claim to be a work of art, it’s the Powell Peralta Old School Ripper Deck. It’s not just about skateboarding; it’s about celebrating a culture, an era, and most importantly, a passion.

16. Skatro

When it comes to finding the right balance between price and performance, Skatro undoubtedly stands out in the crowded skateboarding market.

This brand is not merely about the art of skateboarding; it’s a testament to quality craftsmanship and innovation that caters to every kind of skater, whether you’re a beginner, a pro, or somewhere in between.

Skatro’s Pro Skateboard offers an unmatched skating experience. Its size, 31″ in length and 8″ in width, is the gold standard for those aiming for precise control, whether you’re cruising the streets or pulling off intricate tricks.

The 50mm x 30mm 95A wheels complemented by ABEC 7 ultra-speed stainless steel bearings ensure a smooth ride, even at top speeds, making those ollies and kickflips look seamless.

However, it’s Skatro’s unique Adhesive technology that truly distinguishes it from the pack. This proprietary technology not only binds the seven wooden layers but also provides an additional layer of structural reinforcement.

As a result, Skatro boards promise the strength akin to 8-layer boards, but with the flexibility and agility of a 7-layer board. Such innovation is rare and reflects Skatro’s commitment to quality.

But the brand doesn’t stop at just the board. They’re aware of the importance of value. So, with every purchase, you get a complimentary T-tool, which is a thoughtful addition and underlines Skatro’s attention to detail and their understanding of the skater’s needs.

Summary Of Brand:

  • Optimal Size & Performance: The board’s dimensions provide an ideal mix for cruising and executing tricks.
  • Exclusive Adhesive Technology: Proprietary technology ensures a board that’s both flexible and robust.
  • Unbeatable Value: Despite the premium features, Skatro’s pricing remains competitive, ensuring great value for money.
  • Complete Package: A 7-layer Maple Wood board complemented by a free T-tool, making it perfect for every skate enthusiast.
  • Versatile Use: Designed for all – from kids and beginners to seasoned skaters.

In essence, Skatro isn’t just selling a skateboard; they’re offering an experience. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a beginner finding their feet, or someone just looking for a reliable board to cruise around town, Skatro’s Pro Skateboard is a top-tier choice that promises not to disappoint.


SANTA CRUZ’s 8.0″ x 31.6″ Screaming Hand Skateboard Deck exemplifies the brand’s dedication to quality and its storied history in the world of skateboarding.

Few brands hold the kind of reverence and respect in the skate community as SANTA CRUZ, and it’s easy to see why.

For over four decades, SANTA CRUZ has been a bastion of innovation, churning out not just high-quality skateboards but also iconic artwork that has become synonymous with the very essence of skate culture. The Screaming Hand deck is a testament to this legacy.

Its design is emblematic of the brand’s commitment to creativity, while the board’s construction ensures that skaters get the perfect blend of durability, performance, and style.

Beyond just the physical product, SANTA CRUZ stands as a pillar in the skate community. Labelled as the “best skateboard brand in the world” isn’t merely a title; it’s a reflection of their consistent dedication to the sport and the community.

Their longevity in the industry is not just due to producing great skateboards, but also because of their understanding and connection to the very heart of skate culture.

Summary Of Brand:

  • Heritage Design: The iconic “Screaming Hand” artwork is not just a design; it’s a symbol of skate culture and SANTA CRUZ’s indelible mark on it.
  • Craftsmanship: Four decades of experience culminates in a skateboard deck that’s as reliable as it is stylish.
  • Legacy Brand: With over 40 years in the industry, SANTA CRUZ has been at the forefront, pioneering trends and setting standards.
  • Innovative Artwork: Beyond their boards, SANTA CRUZ is renowned for its unique and iconic art that captures the spirit of skateboarding.

In a world filled with fleeting trends, SANTA CRUZ stands steadfast, a beacon for what skateboarding is and what it can be.

Their Screaming Hand deck is not just a skateboard; it’s a piece of history, a testament to a brand that has shaped the world of skateboarding for over 40 years.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie looking to get started, SANTA CRUZ promises a ride that’s unparalleled in quality and steeped in legacy.

18. Element

In the dynamic landscape of skateboarding, Element has firmly planted its roots, cultivating a legacy that speaks volumes about its commitment to the sport.

Their collaboration with iconic brands, such as the “Element X Star Wars Droids Skateboard Deck”, is a testament to their innovative approach and dedication to the community.

From its inception in 1992, Element’s mission was clear – to rise above the ordinary and set benchmarks in skateboarding.

Their ethos revolves around honesty, ethics, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. This isn’t just about creating quality skateboards; it’s about fostering a holistic culture around the sport, nurturing its growth, and elevating it to greater heights.

The “Element X Star Wars Droids Skateboard Deck” is a brilliant example of Element’s unique blend of quality and creativity.

Merging the timeless appeal of Star Wars with the rugged durability and performance of an Element skateboard, it’s a piece that stands out both as a functional board and a collector’s item.

It showcases how Element seamlessly bridges the gap between pop culture and skateboarding, making it relevant to both die-hard Star Wars fans and skate enthusiasts.

Summary Of Brand:

  • Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Every Element skateboard, including the Star Wars Droids deck, is a culmination of years of expertise, ensuring durability and optimal performance.
  • Innovative Collaborations: Their partnership with Star Wars showcases Element’s forward-thinking approach, blending popular culture with the world of skateboarding.
  • Ethical Foundations: Since its inception, Element has been driven by honesty and ethics, ensuring that every product and initiative aligns with these core values.
  • More than Just a Brand: Element sees itself as a collective, a family that’s on a shared journey. This deep sense of community is evident in their continued efforts to uplift and progress skateboarding.

In a world where brands come and go, Element stands as a testament to perseverance, innovation, and a deep-seated love for skateboarding.

They’ve gone beyond being just a brand; they’ve become an integral part of the skateboarding narrative.

For those looking for more than just a skateboard, for those seeking a brand with a soul, Element is the undeniable answer.


In conclusion, the world of skateboarding boasts an array of remarkable brands, each offering unique designs, innovations, and quality.

From the artistic allure of Element to the iconic legacy of SANTA CRUZ, each brand has something special to offer.

However, after a comprehensive review, our top pick is the “[CCS] Blank and Graphic Skateboard Deck.” Its impeccable balance of durability, performance, and aesthetic appeal makes it stand out.

CCS not only brings a high-quality skateboard to the table but also offers a canvas for personal expression, bridging the gap between functionality and creativity. For those seeking the best, CCS is a clear choice.


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