Can You Bring a Skateboard on a Plane?


Ever been stuck at a new city’s airport, itching to skate but your board’s thousands of miles away? You might be surprised to learn that taking your skateboard on a plane isn’t as complicated as it sounds.

At least two major U.S. airlines give the green light to carry-on skateboards. So, how can you fly hassle-free with your four-wheeled friend? Strap in, because we’re about to unravel the mystery and make your next flight a whole lot more exciting!

Absolutely, let’s dive into each section.

Airline Policies for Carrying Skateboards

Southwest Airlines:

  • Explicitly lists skateboards as an acceptable carry-on item.
  • Must be safely stowed in an overhead bin or under the seat.


  • Skateboards counted as personal items if dimensions don’t exceed 45 linear inches.
  • Recommend soft or hard cases for protection during travel.


  • Standalone skateboards allowed as a personal item if less than 18x13x7 inches.
  • Larger completes require checking a bag.


  • Skateboards allowed within size limits as a carry-on, but stricter gatechecking policies.
  • Check policies for international travel which may differ.

Alaska Airlines:

  • Follows general guidelines for personal items under 10x17x24 inches.
  • Best to triple check with staff when flying.

Other airlines may have prohibitive policies due to safety concerns or lack of guidance. International carriers like Air Canada, KLM and budget-friendly options sometimes accommodate skateboards depending on routes.

Always contact airlines in advance for current restrictions to guarantee smooth travel. Protection in hard cases is also recommended.

Navigating Airline Policies: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s face it, airline policies can be as tricky as a kickflip. But fear not! Start by visiting the airline’s website to look for luggage policies, focusing on size and weight restrictions.

Navigating Airline Policies Like a Pro

  1. Research the Airline’s Website
    Check specific policies for carry-on and checked luggage sizes/weights allowed. Look for mentions of sports equipment.
  2. Measure Your Complete Setup
    Use a measuring tape to get the exact length, width, and height of your deck, trucks, wheels, and other attachments installed.
  3. Consider Protective Luggage
    A padded skateboard bag or hard case helps meet size rules and avoid damage during travel.
  4. Contact Customer Service
    If your board is slightly oversized, call to ask for exceptions. Explain it’s compact when bagged.
  5. Ask About Gate Checking
    Some airlines allow gate checking oversized carry-ons if there’s no proper stowage space.
  6. Consider Paring Down Equipment
    You may need to travel without extra decks/wheels/trucks if checking a bag.
  7. Check Foreign Airline Rules Early
    International flight policies can vary – confirm equipment transport rules well in advance.
  8. Bring Proof of Purchase for Replacement
    Offer receipts if gear gets lost to streamline reimbursement or replacement.

Being proactive avoids skate-related delays or fines during travel. Planning your board transport gets you shredding at your destination bag-free.

The Dos and Don’ts of Airport Security with a Skateboard

You’ve checked in and now you’re facing the final boss: airport security. Preparation is key—make sure your board is clean and free of any forbidden items like tools or excessive stickers that might slow down the process.

Security personnel are usually familiar with skateboards, but be prepared to explain that it’s a carry-on. Following the rules can turn this checkpoint into just another smooth ride.

The Dos:

  • Do make sure your skateboard is clean before packing it. Remove any dirt, debris, or hazardous materials like oil that could raise suspicions.
  • Do check your airline’s size restrictions for carry-on luggage. Most allow skateboards as long as they fit in the sizing box or bag dimensions.
  • Do place your skateboard in a protective case or wrap it in padding to prevent damage. Some airlines may require this.
  • Do expect to remove your skateboard from your bag and place it in a bin for the X-ray machine. Keep it separate from other belongings.
  • Do be cooperative with security personnel. Explain that you intend to carry the skateboard onto the plane as your personal item.
  • Do follow all other carry-on rules like removing liquids over 3 ounces or laptops from bags.
  • Do arrive early to allow extra time for checking your skateboard.

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t bring tools like skate tools or wax in your carry-on. They will be confiscated.
  • Don’t decorate your board with controversial images or words that could cause concern.
  • Don’t argue if asked to check your skateboard at the gate due to a full flight. Put it in a box with padding.
  • Don’t try to hide anything inside your skateboard or lie about its contents. Be upfront when going through security.
  • Don’t reassemble or use your board while inside the airport or on the plane. Wait until you reach your destination.

Following these tips will help you skate through airport security with ease. Just remember to be patient and always comply with requests from officials. With the right preparation, you and your board will be soaring safely to your next adventure.

Maximizing Carry-on Space: Best Practices

If you’re carrying your board onto the plane, space is of the essence. Consider investing in a specialized skateboard travel bag that complies with airline size restrictions. These bags usually have extra compartments for your other carry-on essentials, making your journey more convenient. And remember, always double-check your airline’s specific carry-on guidelines.

Invest in a bag designed for air travel that fits airline size limits. Look for:

  • Padded compartment(s) securing your complete setup
  • Additional pockets for clothes, gear, documents
  • Dimensions within 10″ x 16″ x 24″ for most airlines

Pack Efficiently

Roll clothes to maximize space usage. Consider carrying:

  • Essentials in your carry-on for quick access
  • Toiletries in a quart-size bag within your luggage
  • Electronics and valuables on your person

Check Guidelines in Advance

Familiarize yourself with your airline’s:

  • Carry-on bag size restrictions
  • Limits on total carry-on pieces
  • Checked baggage fees if needed

Utilize Overhead Bins Wisely

Board bags often double as a personal item. Avoid checking at the gate if possible.

Check Board Bag at Gate if Needed

Gate-checking may be an option if overhead space runs low. Confirm procedures with your airline.

Proper preparation and utilizing specialized bags allows traveling with your full setup stress-free within standard carry-on limits. Always confirm policies to avoid delays or charges.


If for some reason you can’t bring your board on the plane, don’t fret. Shipping your skateboard to your destination is a reliable alternative, although it might cost a bit.

Alternatively, consider renting a board at your destination. Local skate shops often offer a range of options and it’s a great way to try something new.


By now, you should have a solid understanding of how to make your next skateboarding trip a flying success. The key takeaway? Know the policies, prepare in advance, and maintain a positive attitude. So go ahead, pack that skateboard and soar to new heights on your next adventure.


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