Can You Put Longboard Wheels on a Skateboard?


you’re cruising down your favorite skateboarding spot, and suddenly, the thought strikes you – can you put longboard wheels on a skateboard? If you’ve ever wondered about this possibility, you’re not alone.

Skateboarders often seek ways to improve their ride, and the choice of wheels can be a game-changer.

In this article, we will unravel the mystery of whether you can indeed equip your skateboard with longboard wheels. So, if you’re curious about enhancing your skateboarding experience, read on to discover the answers.

1. Understanding the Difference: Skateboard vs. Longboard Wheels

Before we dive into whether you can swap out your skateboard wheels for longboard wheels, it’s crucial to understand the fundamental distinctions between these two types of wheels.

Skateboard wheels and longboard wheels are both essential tools for different types of riding. It’s important to understand the key differences between them so that you can choose the appropriate type for your needs.

Skateboard wheels come in a range of sizes and shapes, featuring narrow widths and hard urethane material for increased grip and responsiveness.

On the other hand, longboard wheels tend to be larger and wider than skateboard wheels, with softer materials for smoother rides on rough terrain.

Choosing the right wheels is an important factor in ensuring a successful and enjoyable ride, so it’s essential to take into account their distinct properties.

2. Wheel Diameter Matters

The most significant factor when considering longboard wheels for a skateboard is their diameter. Longboard wheels are notably larger than standard skateboard wheels. They can range from 65mm to well over 70mm. Skateboard wheels, on the other hand, typically fall in the 49mm to 54mm range.

When it comes to durable, reliable wheels for longboards, the most important factor to consider is diameter. Longboard wheels can range from 65mm to over 70mm in size, significantly larger than the 49mm to 54mm range of standard skateboard wheels.

Each wheel size offers a different skating experience. Large wheels, for example, offer increased speed and stability, but may be difficult to maneuver around tight corners.

Smaller wheels, conversely, are easier to turn and more maneuverable, but lack the speed and stability of their larger counterparts. Ultimately, selecting the correct wheel size for your skateboard will ensure that you get the most out of your ride.

3. Coping with Rough Terrain

Rough terrain can be a challenge for any longboarder or skateboarder, but with the right equipment, it can be overcome.

Longboard wheels are designed to resist punctures and absorb shock, making them perfect for navigating rough roads and inclines.

These wheels also tend to be larger than skateboard wheels, which improves stability while riding at high speeds.

Skateboard wheels, on the other hand, prioritize maneuverability, grip, and agility, making them ideal for tricks and park riding.

While they may not be as durable as longboard wheels, skateboard wheels offer more control and precision when carving tight turns.

4. Wheelbite and Riser Pads

The safety of skateboarders is paramount, and this is especially true when it comes to the risk of wheelbite.

If you’re looking to put longboard wheels on your skateboard, the installation process can be slightly more complicated than with normal wheels.

To prevent wheelbite and keep your ride smooth and safe, you’ll need to use riser pads. Riser pads provide extra space between your deck and your wheels, allowing you to get the most out of your longboard wheels while keeping your ride free from wheelbite.

Make sure that you measure the size of your deck and wheels before you purchase riser pads to ensure you have the right fit. With the right setup, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth and safe ride, even with longboard wheels.

5. Riser Pads and Bolt Length

If you want to switch out your skateboard wheels for those designed for a longboard, you’ll need some special components. Riser pads are key in this scenario – they add height to your trucks, so you can fit the longer wheels without experiencing wheelbite.

When installing riser pads on your skateboard, you should use 1/2″ bolts – any shorter and the bolts may not be able to accommodate the additional thickness of the risers.

For added security, you may consider using 1 1/2″ bolts, although these are not always necessary. Once your hardware and risers are installed correctly, you can rest assured that your longboard wheels will run smoothly and safely.

6. Cruiser Wheels: A Middle Ground

If you’re looking for a compromise between skateboard and longboard wheels, consider cruiser wheels.

Cruiser wheels are larger than standard skateboard wheels but smaller than longboard wheels, usually around 55mm to 60mm in diameter. They provide a smoother ride without the need for excessively high riser pads.

Cruiser wheels are an attractive middle ground for skateboarders who want more stability and momentum without sacrificing control.

Unlike longboard wheels, which can be too large and unwieldy for some riders, cruiser wheels can offer the perfect balance of agility and stability. Not only are they smoother to ride, but because of their smaller size, they also require less maintenance and repair than large wheels do.

The Final Verdict: Yes, You Can!

In conclusion, the answer to the question, “Can you put longboard wheels on a skateboard?” is yes, you can. However, there are specific considerations to keep in mind. Your longboard wheels should be under 70mm in diameter, and you’ll need 1/2″ riser pads and longer bolts to avoid wheelbite.

Whether you choose to make this modification depends on your riding style and the terrain you frequent. Longboard wheels can provide a more comfortable and stable ride, making them ideal for cruising and commuting.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your skateboarding experience, go ahead and experiment with longboard wheels, but always remember to prioritize safety and proper equipment adjustments.

In the end, it’s all about tailoring your skateboard to suit your needs and preferences. Happy skating!


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